Q: Do you have a used car return policy?  
A: Yes we have a 5 day, 300 mile return policy. We want you to love it or return it.  Here it is.

Q: Does Love My Deal own the cars on this website?  
A: Yes, Love My Deal by D-Patrick owns the vehicles for sale on this website. They are physically located at one of our brick and mortar stores and are ready to be delivered to you.     

Q: Do you have free shipping?  
A: Yes, free shipping available up to 190 miles away from our brick and mortar stores. Here is a list of areas with free shipping.

Q: Does my car qualify for an instant cash offer?  
A: Not all vehicles are available for an instant cash offer. See the full list of Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer FAQ and Disclaimers towards the bottom of this page.

Q: Is customer support open 24/7?  
A: Unfortunately no. However, feel free to contact us anytime, and leave a message. Phone support hours are listed here. Feel free to send any other questions here.  Our online dealmakers and customer support will reach back out to you ASAP.